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Feel like a spectator in your own life? Wanna take back control?
Defeat your bad habits, build good ones and be happy!


WINGMAN maintains a strong pressure over 10 weeks to drive the development of new habits. Read more about the concept on this page.

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Peter Rydahl Mols


I am a serial entrepreneur, 39 years old, father of two, and over the past 15 years, I have been studying habits, psychology, biases and philosophy. My guiding star has always been behavior. Action speaks louder than words. and 1.000 actions speak even louder.

How can behavior be deliberately changed, and maintained?
This question I have been chasing for over a decade, and has led me down many interesting paths. As a former ultra-runner competing on distances beyond the marathon distance, I know how physical and mental training is necessary to succeed.This pursuit has been both a personal one, and a professional one, as an employee, and as a consultant.

All my insights I have collected on this page for you to tap into and use for your success – We are growing habits.

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"Succes is not a goal, it's a habit"

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