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At ‘Growing Habits’ we are committed to helping your organisation build better habits.
This stems from the belief that with good habits prevailing in your organization better result will come.
Equally important is it that with habits, the programs from ‘Growing Habits’ the new behaviour sticks permanently.
We have clients who share with us that 3 years after our program – the habit is still intact (see ‘Testimonials‘)

The methodology builds on 3 key components:

Bias training

We are all biased. This is systematic faults in your thinking and reasoning Through awareness of biases and training we see that we are able induce a lasting behavioural change.

Stoic philosophy

We are all busy. This is an omnipresent misunderstanding that governs so much our lives in the 21st century. Through sharing the practices of the ancient stoics, and training how to think like a stoic the mind calms down to a level where clearer thinking and better reasoning is achieved.

Psychology of habits

We are all creatures of habit. This is nature's way to aid us in life. Habits is a way to save energy, repeat actions subconsciously and simplify our lives. Through a induction into this psychology, you are enabled to harness the repetitive power of habits to your advantage.

In order to serve you in the best way possible our methodology is designed to deliver lasting behavioural change, this is the habits we build.
Not only do we build habits and thereby enable better performance. These processes also bring with it a self-discipline enabling participants to continue the journey beyond the program. 
This is in line with the old saying

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Habits last for lifetime.
We have 3 different products through which to best meet your organization’s needs.


Our most popular program.
Duration: 10 hours - 1 hour a week for 10 weeks
Simple and effective in deliberately building the first good habit.
Excellent to get the ball rolling on transforming key players in your organisation.

Group coaching

This program is effective in building an organisational culture of focusing on the deliberate development of habits.
Duration: 10 hours - 1 hour a week for 10 weeks
We use the WINGMAN methodology to get a head start on the habits.
And through working in a group setting more commitment to the habit will emerge from the this platform.

Digital coaching

This program is a strong build-up prior to WINGMAN, or as repetition and inspiration following having deliberately built a habit.
Duration: Online (self-study)
The self-study platform is well suited for anchoring vocabulary and cases. Particularly effective in train-the-trainer programs where we develop an in-house WINGMAN program

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