Digital coaching


Diamonds are formed
under pressure

Building on this mindset, WINGMAN maintains a strong pressure over typically 10 weeks to drive the development of new habits and deploying these with confidence and integrity

Close monitoring and
continuous feedback

This is at the heart of the WINGMAN program to anchor knowledge, skills and behaviour in the trainee to ensure a lasting change and enhance value creation

Science based

Scientific literature across business, psychology, philosophy and meta-analytic works lay at the foundation of the WINGMAN program

Why deploy the WINGMAN program


Driving business goals through personal development, in that order. We build mastery through solving daily challenges

Drive continuous learning and challenging mindsets and beliefs to install new behaviour and build lasting good habits

Lighting a fire in the employee providing a burst of energy and lift up colleagues through sharing spirited and authentic leadership


Training interfere with daily operations as WINGMAN is just 1 hour per week for 10 weeks

Relapse to old habits as the continuous training lay the foundation of new habits and lastingly unlearns old habits

Low energy as WINGMAN starts with the employees current level and reality, and builds energy and motivation to grow and learn


Dedicate 1 hour per week for WINGMAN

Track weekly progress by sharing the 2 most important take away's from each session

Surveying with regular intervals to support and maintain long term habit development

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