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‘Growing Habits’ is all about building good habits on demand. Action speaks louder than words.
And if actions are to make any significant difference they must be repeated.
Many times.

Just think how many days, weeks, and years you went to school, sessions at the gym, or raising your children.

At ‘Growing Habits’ we acknowledge that maintaining focus and motivation to repeating actions long enough to achieve visible results is difficult.

This challenge led us to comb through the literature, speak to people who have succeeded with this, coached & practiced countless people gaining real-life data, experience, and learning through trial & error.

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Peter Rydahl Mols

“Do I every day have the opportunity to do what I do best?”
This question has stuck with me since 2007 and serves as a lighthouse directing me to change my behavior when the answer happens to be “No”.

Interestingly, no outside motivators can impact the answer: no paycheck, no bonus, no flashy car. Instead, answering “Yes” is the result of the feeling of matching the role and belonging in an organization.

I have pursued this feeling as an individual, as an employee, and as a consultant – striving every day to develop and strengthen it. One thing I have found is that “Yes” or “No” have no single cause.

In the light of this reality, I have for more than a decade designed and developed a methodology that leads to answering “Yes” to the above question much more frequently. Over the years I have worked within a range of industries: retail, life science, NGOs, aviation, education, energy, and IT; and the surprising finding is that what motivates, and hence drives successful people, is always the same:
– Give people more autonomy, call it ‘trust’.
– Provide a clear purpose with the task at hand
– Set up the challenge to advance skill levels

This we can deliver on using the power of habits.
That is why we are growing habits.
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"It’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts, it’s how many times you get back up"

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