Group coaching

Scaling organizational habits

Building on the WINGMAN methodology (see HOW below) group coaching is the solution for organizations that wants to scale the deliberate development of habits and further harness the effectiveness of accountability and consistent high performance.

Group coaching is typically anywhere between 2 and 4 participants. In this setup the participants support one another further boosting habits and maintaining daily actions

Most prevalent in group coaching are sales people and HR.
The former enjoys the camaraderie, challenges and the professional growth comes as part of this play among the WINGMAN participants.
The latter often focuses more on internalizing the steps to enable HR to deploy the concept in-house once own mastery is complete.

Contact us to understand how a few, good habits may alter your organization - and its performance.

Why group coaching


Stronger accountability through peer-2-peer dialogues and follow-up both during and after the program

Ignites a culture of habits and training that engages the best and inspires the rest

Enables participants to offer in-house apprenticeship how to deliberately build habits


Interrupted training as the 1-hour a week coaching does not interfere with daily operations

Status quo as the continuous training lay the foundation of new habits and lastingly unlearns old habits

Low energy as the group strengthens one another and builds energy and motivation to continuously grow and learn


1½ hour per week

2 most important take away's

3 performance surveys

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